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Myths about eye creams

Eye creams differ from face moisturisers as they are designed to cater peri-orbital skin. Skin around eyes is thinner and more fragile compares to other areas on the face. Usual face creams may not to be enough to deliver proper nutrient and is why eye creams are the best options. Face moisturisers can be used as an alternative if eye cream is not available. However, it is recommended to use the right product if a particular concern has raised.

Many may use eye creams on skin around the eyes including eyelids. This is not recommended. If your eye cream contains active ingredients or it is used to target a particular concern, it should only be used around the eyes - on the bony area. Eye creams are not supposed to be used above the bony areas as per advice.

At Aesthetic Passion, we offer an effective eye cream for hyperpigmentation/dark circles from Jan Marini - a Medical Grade skincare. It contains highly actively ingredients to purposely target unwanted discolouration in the peri-orbital area.

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