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Fat Reduction Treatments

The fat reduction treatments is an effective, permanent, safe and gradual non-surgical injectable treatment to reshape the unwanted fat deposit.  The treatment can be used to sculpt the neck and other areas on the body, creating a youthful and contour profile.


How Does the treatments work?

The active ingredient targets fat by dissolving the outer covering of the fat cell. The fat from the cells is released into the bloodstream which the body then naturally excretes. Subsequent treatments take 15-20 minutes.
The fat cells will continue to break down over the course of the next 4-6 weeks. A minimum of two treatments is required, spaced at least 6 weeks apart.

Does it hurt?

Although everyone’s pain threshold is different, the injections may sting for a few seconds, but generally, pain is minimal. To help ease the pain and reduce the chance of bruising you’ll be given an ice pack to use throughout the session.

How long does it last?

The good news is, people generally only need 2-4 treatments, the results are lasting. “Once the fat cell is destroyed it’s permanent. However, if there are remaining fat cells, these can still get bigger.” So, that means, the same fat cells won’t return but if you were to gain weight then other fat cells can still produce a double chin.

What should I do after treatment?

  • Do not shower for the first four hours

  • Minimise alcohol and drink plenty of water for the first 24 hours

  • Avoid excessive exercise for the first 24 hours

  • Do not take anti-inflammatories (e.g. aspirin and Nurofen) for the first 24 hours. Paracetamol can be taken if required.

  • A cool compress can also be applied to the treated area to help reduce swelling

  • Minimise excessive sun and UV exposure for the first two weeks

  • Massage the treated area for 15 minutes per day for two weeks to aid the process of fat elimination.

What are the side effects?

The side effects of fat reduction treatments include pain, bruising, swelling, redness and numbness. Some patients experience bleeding, induration (areas of firmness) and itching and paraesthesia (numbness). Rare side effects include nodules and transient neuropraxia (nerve injury). In long term follow up no adverse effects on skin laxity were noted.

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