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Wellness Boosters

Wellness boosters can effectively deliver replenishing fluids, vitamins and minerals into the blood stream with 100% absorption. Resulting in increased energy levels, quicker recovery times, and overall performance. Injections can be used proactively to maintain optimum wellness, and also to treat acute and chronic conditions.

Hectic lifestyle’s- Such as stress, depression, headaches, weakened immune system, allergies, muscle aches, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, poor food and nutrition choices a just a few things vitamin infusions can help fight and combat these stressors.

Energy n Sleep Booster

Provides an energy boost, increase mental focus and improve sleep quality

Body Shaper Booster

Stimulates the liver to provide a temporary boost in metabolism and an energy boost.
Best results when used in combination with exercise and a healthy diet.

Collagen Booster

Improves the strength and condition of hair, skin and nails.

Immune Booster

The Immune Booster is formulated to help fight off illness by strengthening the immune and nervous systems. Supporting red blood cells and brain function, it may improve energy and concentration.

Anti-ageing NAD++

Combines the already powerful NAD+ with a combination of B vitamins and amino acids
that promote heart, brain, eye and overall cellular health.

And More

Ask us for more health boosters..


What are Wellness boosters?

The vitamins and minerals used in our vitamin injections are co-factors in biochemical reactions in every cell in the body, and therefore can benefit any condition where low levels of nutrients or nutrient deficiencies are detected. In addition, they may benefit those in need of a temporary boost in energy or boost in immune function.

How long does the effect last?

The effects of the vitamins can last from one to several days and even weeks. It all depends on the current nutrient levels and needs are for your body. If you are very deficient, you might not feel any effect, or may only short benefits. If you have adequate stores, your effects may last longer. If you are under lots of stress or physical activity, you may use up all the nutrients faster than normal.

How should I feel after the injection?

The injection itself may range from painless to a little sore depending on the type of injection. Some of our formulas have concentrated amounts of nutrients. You may use some alternating hot and cold to rub the area to reduce the discomfort. Once the nutrients are in your system, you may actually taste the vitamins sometimes. People react differently to the vitamins, but most common feeling is improved energy, focus, attention, endurance, and sometimes better sleep.

How often can I get injections?

Every person is different, but commonly we recommend getting a vitamin injection as often as daily to one time per week or several times per month. People will feel the effects differently, so you can see how you feel with each injection.

Who can get wellness boosters?

Majority of people can get vitamin injections. Those who need vitamin injections are those who have trouble absorbing nutrients from food, digestive issues, diseases of aging, vegetarians/vegans, chronic stress/fatigue, increased physical activity, restoration, general wellness, prevention, or those who want to see optimal health. The injections that we have prepared do not require a clinician’s visit to start and you do not need to be a current patient. If you have any specific questions or medical needs regarding vitamin injections, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner.

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