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-Lip flip

-Forehead lines

-Frown lines

-Crows feet

-Grinding/jaw slimming

-Sweat reduction

Additional areas: bunnie lines, downturned mouth corners, brow lift, gummy smile, dimpled chin.

Cheek volumisers

Jawline contouring

Lip enhancement

Chin definition

Neck bands reduction

Freshen Up That Look:

1ml dermal volumiser +1 area wrinkle treatment

1ml dermal volumiser +2 area wrinkle treatment

2ml dermal volumisers +2 area wrinkle treatment

Vampire facial needling

Vampire facial hair rejuv

Vampire facial skin booster




Packages available with combined areas with greater value

Crows feet


Smile lines

Double chin


Suitable areas: face, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, buttocks and above the knees

One area


Eyes & eyelids $299

 Face $550 (3-session package $1,500)

Face & neck $650

Face & neck & decolletage $750

Scars/ Stretch marks from $399

Enzyme gentle $99

 Luminate treatment $109

Resurfacing skin $129

Clarify back  $129

Retinol anti-ageing $139

Refresh skin $149

Advanced luminate $169

Aqua Bubble $129

Skin Needling $299

Single session $69

10 session package $399

Skin clarify - for acne prone skin


Skin luminate - for hyperpigmentation skin


Skin tight - for anti-ageing and laxity


Nutrients Booster $99

Collagen Booster $99

Anti-ageing NAD++ $159

Body Shaper $89

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